Guyana-Trinidad 2012 Guyana-Trinidad 2012 Georgetown Cara Lodge Hotel 168598831 Georgetown Cara Lodge Hotel 168624745 Georgetown Cara Lodge Hotel 168624643 Georgetown The sea wall and "beach" 168638029 Georgetown Erected in 1972 for the Non-Aligned Foreign Ministers conference. Umana Yana is Wai-Wai for Meeting Place of the People. It is modeled on Wai-Wai benabs or shelters found deep in the interior of Guyana. 168638030 Georgetown One of many flood control canals 168637981 Georgetown 168638461 Georgetown Early air conditioning. Blocks of ice were placed on the window box allowing cold air to flow into the room while the melting ice dripped ouitside. 168638475 Georgetown Not sure if I do !! 168638474 Georgetown One of many churches, one of many religions. 168638686 Georgetown The 1763 Monument 168638683 Georgetown Description of the 1763 Monument 168638684 Georgetown Snail Kite 168639024 Georgetown Botanical Gardens Tropical King Bird 168638892 Georgetown Botanical Gardens Grey-cheeked Thrush 168638893 Georgetown Botanical Gardens Greater Ani 168639671 Georgetown Botanical Gardens Immature Female Belted Kingfisher 168639665 Geargetown Botanical Gardens Wattled Jacana 168639667 Georgetown Botanical Gardens Pale-vented Pigeon 168640324 Georgetown Botanical Gardens Blue-grey Tanager 168640325 Georgetown Botanical Gardens Yellow Oriole 168640326 Georgetown Botanical Gardens 168641210 Georgetown Our transport to Kaieteur Falls and Iwokrama Rainforest 168641067 Kaieteur Falls Our first sighting from the air 168641039 Kaieteur Falls A patch of Sundews 168641287 Kaieteur Falls Viewpoint one 168641288 Kaieteur Falls Tiny frog in bromeliad plant 168641733 Kaieteur Falls Orange-breasted Falcon 168641734 Kaieteur Falls Viewpoint two 168642498 Kaieteur Falls Viewpoint three 168642450 Kaieteur Falls Viewpoint three 168642456 Iwokrama River Lodge Giant Cowbird (f) 168652859 Iwokrama River Lodge Palm Tanager 168653041 Iwokrama River Lodge Silver-beaked Tanager 168653008 Iwokrama River Lodge Pied Lapwing 168653508 Iwokrama River Lodge Leaf Frog 168653513 Iwokrama River Lodge Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet with nesting young 168653443 Iwokrama River Lodge On the Essequibo River 168654024 Essequibo River Ornate Hawk-Eagle 168654262 Essequibo River Ringed Kingfisher 168654263 Essequibo River Green Kingfisher 168656978 Iwokrama Rainforest Unidentified beetle 168656979 Iwokrama Rainforest Silky or Pygmy Anteater 168656791 Essequibo River Prehistoric petroglyphs 168657483 Essequibo River 168657106 Essequibo River 168657507 Path to Fair View village Identity unknown 168658244 Fair View village Family home 168658255 Fair View village Family on the steps of the primary school 168658256 Fair View village Blue-and-yellow Macaw 168658249 Fair View village Local children 168658248 Essequibo River 168658085 Essequibo River More petroglyphs 168658314 Iwokrama River Lodge Our cabin 168658245 Iwokrama River Lodge Ratonel ? 168681761 Iwokrama River Lodge Red-capped Cardinal 168681762 Iwokrama River Lodge Eating area and lounge 168681749 Iwokrama River Lodge The cabins 168682542 Road to Atta Rainforest Lodge Common Black Hawk 168682875 Road to Atta Rainforest Lodge Cocoi Heron 168682832 Road to Atta Rainforest Lodge Muscovy Duck 168683542 Road to Atta Rainforest Lodge Jabiru 168683134 Road to Atta Rainforest Lodge Jabiru 168683133 Atta Rainforest Lodge Our room block 168683372 Atta Rainforest Red Howler Monkey and baby 168684519 Atta Rainforest Lodge Ant "carry-out" 168684473 Atta Rainforest Canopy Walkway 168684474 Atta Rainforest Canopy Walkway 168683804 Atta Rainforest Lodge Cane Toad 168684824 Atta Rainforest Lodge Caterpillar tandem 168684831 Road to Rock View Lodge Channel-billed Toucan 168690140 Road to Rock View Lodge Marail Guan 168690139 Road to Rock View Lodge Turkey Vulture 168689373 Road to Rock View Lodge Cock of the Rock 168694742 Road to Rock View Lodge Unidentified dragonfly 168694644 Road to Rock View Lodge Our transport 168694432 Rupununi Savannah Family homestead 168694440 Rupununi Savannah Northern Caracaras 168694856 Rupununi Savannah Savanna Hawk 168694441 Rock View Lodge Our rooms 168697877 Rock View Lodge Black Vulture 168697878 Rock View Lodge Burrowing Owls 168697968 Rock View Lodge 168706439 Rock View Lodge Buff-necked Ibis 168706534 Rock View Lodge School uniforms everywhere 168706438 Rock View Lodge Great Kiskadee 168706846 Rock View Lodge Tightrope walking Possum 168706847 Rock View Lodge Tropical Mockingbird 168706594 Rock View Lodge Unidentified lizard 168706978 Rock View Lodge Pale-breasted Thrush 168706977 Rock View Lodge Unidentified Turtles 168707037 Rock View Lodge Eastern Long-tailed Hermit 168707769 Rock View Lodge Glittering-throated Emerald 168707802 Rock View Lodge Unidentified moth (?) 168707768 Annai/Rock View Lodge Our relief plane to Georgetown 168709648 Georgetown Desirable residence 168709647 Georgetown Affordable residence 168708964 Georgetown Religious residence 1 168709727 Georgetown Religious residence 2 168709724 Georgetown Affordable residence 2 168709717 Georgetown Religious residence 3 168709267 Trinidad Watermelon Man 168711552 Trinidad Affordable housing ? 168711542 Trinidad Opening soon ! 168711631 Road to Asa Wright Nature Centre Commercial cultivation 168711587 Asa Wright Nature Centre Banaquit 168711862 Asa Wright Nature Centre Silver-beaked Tanager in a tropical downpour ! 168711863 Asa Wright Nature Centre Wading into the Oilbird "cave" 168711764 Asa Wright Nature Centre Oilbird (yes,there really is a bird in the picture! ). The only nocturnal,fruit eating bird. 168712197 Asa Wright Nature Centre Golden-headed Manakins (very small ! ) 168712085 Asa Wright Nature Centre Copper-rumped Hummingbird 168712235 Aripo Savannah Curious cows 168749459 Aripo Savannah Shiny Cowbird courting 168749458 Aripo Savannah Juvenile Aplomado Falcon 168749565 Aripo Savannah Red-breasted Blackbird 168759451 Aripo Savannah Southern Lapwing 168759455 Aripo Savannah White-headed Marsh Tyrant 168759460 Aripo Savannah White-winged Swallows 168763513 Aripo Savannah Yellow-hooded Blackbirds ( female and juvenile ) 168763512 Aripo Savannah Solitary Sandpiper 168763634 Asa Wright Nature Centre White-necked Jacobin 168764104 Asa Wright Nature Centre Tegu 168764704 Asa Wright Nature Centre White-necked Jacobin 168764099 Asa Wright Nature Centre White-necked Jacobin 168765079 Asa Wright Nature Centre White-necked Jacobin (juv) 168765078 Asa Wright Nature Centre White-lined Tanager (f) 168764796 Asa Wright Nature Centre Purple Honeycreeper (f) 168766129 Asa Wright Nature Centre Trinidad Euphonia 168766135 Asa Wright Nature Centre Copper-rumped Hummingbird 168766132 Sewage Pond Purple Gallinule 168766261 Sewage Pond Yellow-hooded Blackbirds 168766218 Caroni Swamp Fiddler Crabs 168766217 Caroni Swamp 168766450 Caroni Swamp Tree Boa 168766731 Caroni Swamp Mud Skipper 168766825 Caroni Swamp 168766824 Caroni Swamp Unidentified Crab 168766847 Caroni Swamp 168766990 Caroni Swamp 168766922 Caroni Swamp Nesting Scarlet Ibises return in droves at dusk 168766861 Caroni Swamp Ibis colony 168803580 Caroni Swamp Ibis colony. Egrets also arrive in numbers 168803619 Caroni Swamp Ibis colony 168803581 Asa Wright Nature Centre Immature male White-lined Tanager 168803733 Asa Wright Nature Centre Agouti 168803743 Asa Wright Nature Centre Tufted Coquette (f) 168803746 Asa Wright Nature Centre Little Hermit 168808211 Asa Wright Nature Centre Cocoa Thrush 168808218 Asa Wright Nature Centre Copper-rumped Hummingbird 168808219 Asa Wright Nature Centre Green Honeycreeper (f) 168808231 Asa Wright Nature Centre Tufted Coquette (f) 168809333 Asa Wright Nature Centre Purple Honeycreeper (f) 168809334 Asa Wright Nature Centre Blue-tailed Emerald 168808998 Asa Wright Nature Centre Blue-tailed Emerald 168810055 Asa Wright Nature Centre Confrontation ! 168810237 Asa Wright Nature Centre Blue-tailed Emerald (f) 168810004 AsaWright Nature Centre Crested Oropendola 168810513 Asa Wright Nature Centre Green Honeycreeper 168810512 Asa Wright Nature Centre White-necked Jacobin 168810471 Asa Wright Nature Centre Purple Honeycreeper 168810652 Asa Wright Nature Centre Purple Honeycreeper 168811107