Pantanal 2013 Pantanal 2013 Caesar Park Hotel, Sao Paulo Smooth-billed Ani 183121307 Caesar Park Hotel, Sao Paulo Campo Flicker 183121289 Caesar Park Hotel, Sao Paulo Guira Cuckoo 183121291 Caesar Park Hotel, Sao Paulo Guira Cuckoo 183121218 Cuiaba - Pouso Alegre Snail Kite 183121331 Cuiaba - Pouso Algre Blackish Rail 183121234 Cuiaba - Pouso Algre 183121274 Cuiaba - Pouso Alegre Chestnut-bellied Guan 183122064 Cuiaba - Pouso Alegre Female Snail Kite 183121217 Cuiaba - Pouso Alegre Roseate Spoonbill 183121317 Cuiba - Pouso Alegre Crab-eating Fox 183121247 Cuiba - Pouso Alegre Capybara roadblock 183295787 Pouso Alegre The lodge 183121285 Pouso Alegre Toco Toucan 183297167 Pouso Alegre Chestnut-eared Aracari 183295639 Pouso Alegre Wood Stork 183121239 Pouso Alegre Azara's Agouti 183295642 Pouso Alegre Male Bare-faced Curassow 183295641 Pouso Alegre Female Bare-faced Curassow 183295643 Pouso Alegre Jacare Caiman 183121246 Pouso Alegre Neotropic Cormorant with breakfast 183121240 Pouso Alegre Evil eye 1 183121233 Pouso Alegre Evil eye 2 183121248 Pouso Alegre Rheas and Capybaras 183295730 Pouso Alegre Greater Rhea 183122782 Pouso Alegre White Woodpecker 183121216 Pouso Alegre Capybara 183295662 Pouso Alegre Road to somewhere 183121281 Pouso Alegre Nesting Jabirus 183121227 Pouso Alegre Chestnut-eared Aracari 183121308 Pouso Alegre Great Potoo 183122914 Pouso Alegre Rufous-tailed Jacamar 183121244 Pouso Alegre Hyacinth Macaw 183121315 Pouso Alegre Red-crested Cardinal 183121277 Pouso Alegre Long-nosed Bat 183121215 Pouso Alegre Crab-eating Racoon 183121290 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Egrets galore ! 183121288 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Black Skimmer 183126827 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Red Brocket Deer 183121238 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Striated Heron 183121329 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Repair bridge before crossing ! 183121266 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Or avoid altogether ! 183121251 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Duetting Black-capped Donacobius' 183121245 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Scarlet-headed Blackbird 183121220 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Southern Caracara taking a dust bath 183121222 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Jabiru with a snake for lunch 183121318 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Peach-fronted Parakeet 183121287 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Great Horned Owl 183121327 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Southern Caracara 183121324 Pouso Alegre - Porto Jofre Reflections 183121235 Porto Jofre - Jaguar Flotel Just keeping my head above water ! 183121325 Porto Jofre - Jaguar Flotel Wattled Jacana 183121319 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Ideal base for Jaguar spotting 183121270 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Early morning on the Cuiaba River 183121209 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Early morning on the Cuiaba river 183128099 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Great Black Hawks 183121330 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Southern Lapwing 183121249 Southwild Jaguar Flotel limpkin 183121294 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Rufescent Tiger Heron 183121219 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 1st Jaguar sighting - "Mick" 183121237 Southwild Jaguar Flotel "Mick" Jaguar 183121253 Southwild Jaguar Flotel "Mick" Jaguar 183121221 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Black-collared Hawk 183121260 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 2nd Jaguar sighting - Brady 183121267 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Jaguar "Brady" 183121273 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Pied Lapwing with snack 183121271 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Juvenile Roadside Hawk 183121278 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Not a soul in sight ! 183121310 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 3rd Jaguar sighting - very brief, identity unknown 183128476 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Black Vultures 183128507 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Unidentified Insect 183121243 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 4th Jaguar sighting - "Jas T" 183121312 Southwild Jaguar Flotel "Jas T" 183128755 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 5th Jaguar sighting - "Jas T" - again 183121208 Southwild Jaguar Flotel "Jas T" is on a a roll ! 183121293 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Sunset on the river 183121284 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Giant River Otters 183121323 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Giant River Otters 183128635 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Fish for breakfast 183121259 Southwild Jaguar Flotel They really are 'giant' otters 183121335 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Minimal table manners ! 183130215 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Please can I have a bite ?! 183354239 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Cruising up the river 183121280 Southwild Jaguar Flotel We have it all to ourselves ! 183121314 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Six-banded Armadillo gets attention from a Southern Caracara 183121258 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Six-banded Armadillo 183130196 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Marsh Deer 183121255 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Caiman everywhere 183121322 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Boat-billed Heron 183121241 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Jacare Caiman is said to be one of the smaller species ! 183121252 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Yellow Anaconda 183121296 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Another day, another sunset 183121333 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Collared Trogon 183121282 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Black Skimmer 183121309 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Female Green Kingfisher 183130121 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 6th Jaguar sighting - "Jas T" 183121269 Southwild Jaguar Flotel "Jas T" out for a morning stroll 183121211 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Black-bellied Whistling Ducks 183121254 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Caiman with catfish for breakfast 183121292 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Southern Screamer 183121295 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 7th Jaguar sighting - sleeping - unidentified 183121328 Southwild Jaguar Flotel 8th Jaguar sighting - "Jas T" 183121257 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Ringed Kingfisher with dinner 183121212 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Our final river sunset 183121297 Southwild Jaguar Flotel Group breakfast 183121250 Southwild Flotel - Porto Jofre Black-crowned Night Heron 183121279 Southwild Flotel - Porto Jofre 9th and final Jaguar sighting - distant view of "Jas T" 183130329 Southwild Flotel - Porto Jofre Cambara trees in bloom 183121283 Porto Jofre Hyacinth Macaws 183121236 Porto Jofre A pair of Amazon Kingfishers 183121226 Porto Jofre Unidentified Butterfly 183121225 Porto Jofre - Southwild Pantanal Lodge Capped Heron 183130119 Porrto Jofre - Southwild Pantanal Lodge Neotropic Cormorant with lunch 183121321 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Amazon Racerunners 183121311 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Sun Bittern 183121214 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Boat-billed Flycatcher 183121316 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Ringed Kingfisher 183130120 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Another sunset ! 183121242 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Toco Toucan 183121223 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Chaco Chacalaca with Toco Toucans 183121334 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Mirror, mirror ..... 183121332 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Pygmy Kingfisher 183121268 Southwild Pantanal Lodge My, what big teeth you have ! 183121210 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Neotropic Cormorant on take-off 183121320 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Southern Caracara 183121313 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Jabiru 183130197 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Caiman Lizard 183186064 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Brocket Deer 183121276 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Not another one ! 183121224 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Yellow-billed Cardinal 183121213 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Glittering-throated Emerald 183121272 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Orange-backed Troupial 183121286 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Amazon Racerunner 183121275 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Glittering-throated Emerald 183121326 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Black-capped Capuchin 183121256 Southwild Pantanal Lodge Black-capped Capuchin 183130198