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L8 Developer Photography

Photo Gallery

Re-streamlining of the Duchess of Hamilton Re-streamlining of the Duchess of Hamilton Sister engine Duchess of Sutherland How Duchess of Hamilton looked before the project 42767439 Original drawing signed by William Stanier 42767440 Work in progress 1 42767441 Work in progress 2 42767442 Work in progress 3 42767443 Work in progress 4 42767447 Work in progress 5 42767444 Work in progress 6 42767445 Original colour swatch delivered to Tysley Chief Mechanical Engineer Bob Meanley unwraps the colour swatch. 42767448 Her true colours revealed 42767446 The Duchess arrives at York 42767449 She looks fantastic ! 42767450 Positioning for the exhibit 42767451 Streamlining display 42767452 She looks good from any angle 42767453 The end result 42767454 Bob Meanley with his masterpiece 42767455