Peru 2009 Peru 2009 Refugio Amazonas Our first stop in the rain forest 58772960 Refugio Amazonas Our room - note absence of wall/window ! 58776401 Baby Caiman 58772961 Daddy Caiman 58772962 Early morning in the rain forest View from 100 ft high canopy tower 58772963 Macaw fly-past 58773197 Sara longwing butterfly 58772964 En route to Tambopata Four and a half hours upstream 58773659 Arrival at Tambopata Our boat 58776400 Sunrise at Tambopata Early morning start to go to the Macaw clay lick 58772965 Day one at the clay lick 58772966 Blue & yellow Macaws 58774026 Blue & yellow Macaws 58772967 Saddleback Tamarin 58772968 Scarlet Macaws They cleaned up after meals ! 58776399 Flame tree 58774372 Above the clay lick Viewing area can be seen on the opposite bank 58772969 Butterfly brunch Butterflies gather on river banks to dine on minerals 58774373 Brown Capuchin monkey 58774775 Squirrel monkey 58772970 Black-tailed Trogon 58772971 Day two at the clay lick Blue & yellow Macaws 58774776 More action at the clay lick 58772972 Blue & yellow Macaw Carrying a piece of clay for "breakfast" 58772973 Scarlet Macaws 58775875 Searching for gold These rafts suck up mud and remove gold particles on the sloping carpet. Boys then amalgamate it with mercury by stomping on it with bare feet !! 58775290 Unknown lizard A visitor to the lodge at Tambopata 58775874 Owl butterfly 58775453 Hoatzin This has to be one of the oddest looking birds that we saw 58772974 Brown agouti 58775454 The Andes View from the plane as we returned to Lima 58772959 En route to Paracas One of many fruit stalls on the roadside from Lima 58807849 Typical shanty town Many settlements like this exist on the outskirts of Lima. This one had a sizeable animal herd. 58807850 Paracas National Reserve Note absence of people 58807851 Paracas National Reserve 58807852 Paracas National Reserve 58807853 Paracas National Reserve 58807854 Harborfront at Paracas 58807855 En route to the Ballestas Islands Pelicans everywhere ! 58807856 The Candleabra Origin unknown but many theories 58807857 Paracas coastline The colors really were like this 58807858 Ballestas Islands Birds everywhere ! 58807859 Ballestas Islands Humboldt penguin, Peruvian booby and Inca tern 58807860 Ballestas Islands Red-legged cormorants on nest 58807861 Ballestas Islands Inca terns 58807862 Ballestas Islands Humboldt penguins - the only penguins outside Antarctica 58807863 Ballestas Islands Penguins take to the water 58807864 Ballestas Islands Peruvian pelican 58807865 Ballestas Islands Guanay cormorant 58807866 Ballestas Islands Yet more birds ! 58807867 Ballestas Islands The guano "factory". Tons are harvested each year for use as fertilizer 58807868 Ballestas Islands Sea lions 58807869 Returning to Paracas 58807870 Boobys "fishing" 58807871 Peruvian pelican 58807872 Trujillo 58868019 Trujillo 58868020 Trujillo 58900707 Trujillo Huaca de la Luna. Moche culture. 50-700 AD 58900708 Trujillo Huaca del Sol seen from Huaca de la Luna 58900709 Trujillo Huaca de la Luna 58900710 Trujillo Huaca de la Luna 58900711 Trujillo Huaca de la Luna 58900712 Trujillo Huaca de la Luna 58900713 Trujillo Detail of decoration : Huaca de la Luna 58900714 Trujillo Moche pottery : Casinelli museum 58900715 Trujillo Moche pottery : Casinelli museum 58900716 Trujillo 58900717 Trujillo 58900718 Trujillo Reed "boats" for hire 58900719 Trujillo Fishing from a reed boat 58900720 Trujillo 58900721 Trujillo Huaca del Brujo : site of the discovery of the Senora de Cao, a high ranking lady of the Moche culture 58900922 Trujillo Huaca del Brujo 58900923 Trujillo Huaca del Brujo 58900924 Chiclayo Royal Tombs of Sipan museum Moche gilded copper feline head 58900925 Chiclayo Royal Tombs of Sipan museum Moche deity 58900926 Chiclayo Royal Tombs of Sipan museum 58900927 Royal Tombs of Sipan museum Representation of the Lord of Sipan as he would have appeared 59011609 Royal Tombs of Sipan Reconstruction of the tomb of the Lord of Sipan as discovered 59011610 Chiclayo Lambayeque pottery 700-1100 AD : Bruning museum 59011611 Chiclayo Lambayeque pottery : Bruning museum 59011612 Chiclayo Bead pectoral : Lambayeque culture 59011613 Chiclayo Gold funeral mask : Lambayeque culture 59011614 Chiclayo Gold ornament : Lambayeque culture 59011615 Lima Oldest continually occupied colonial residence 59011616 Lima 59011617 Lima 59011618 Lima 59011619 Lima 59011620 Lima 59011621 Lima 59011622 Lima 59011623